New York Academy of Business & Technology

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” ~ Zig Ziglar

At New York Academy of Business & Technology, we provide students rigorous, prestigious college preparatory along with professional development programs. We are committed to nurturing and enhancing the academic talents of students who desire to learn under the tutelage of those who are committed to educational excellence and a global focus.


Beyond a Traditional Education

Traditional schools are great for traditional students. Others who are destined to stand out and succeed beyond the norm require an alternative to traditional education. At the New York Academy, we prepare students with an elite education that offers far more than a traditional education. We provide not only an accredited high school curriculum of the highest U.S. standards, but our students enjoy our innovative approach to learning that is not only effective but enjoyable—we even dare to call it “fun”!

Through our state-of-the-art approach to education, our students effectively learn our challenging academic curriculum via the best, most effective methodology used by top U.S high schools. The final product of a New York Academy education is a creative, well-prepared population of students who embrace the future challenges and opportunities.

Our Focus

New York Academy has forged its own path in preparing students for college and beyond. We take great pride in offering the top U.S. accredited high school program. This prestigious program welcome a diverse population of students who desire to master U.S. high school curricula, while learning other technology and entrepreneur courses, emerge as global leaders. Through an innovative approach that uses the best, most effective teaching methodology that current high schools use, New York Academy students graduate prepared to succeed in college or university and beyond.

Graduates of our programs are accepted into the top U.S. universities and around the world including UC Berkeley, Brown University, NYU, University of Pennsylvania and Rice University, to name a few.

Our Mission

At New York Academy, it is our mission to:

  • instill American intellectual values in a global context;
  • infuse a thirst for knowledge, a commitment to learning, a high degree of integrity, and leadership skills;
  • foster an educational community that nurtures the development of advanced skills, abilities, and knowledge, supports high personal aspirations, and develops exemplary, ethical, and engaged citizens who positively impact the world;
  • equip our students with the knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes that will allow them to pursue their dreams in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological world; and
  • challenge our students to discover their leadership skills, to learn how to collaborate, and to act as contributing members of a community.

Our Unique Learning Approach

     I. Online Learning

Students who sincerely want to succeed in our prestigious business and technology courses soak up the learning our exceptional teachers provide. Our teachers are passionate about understanding each student’s goals, interests, and learning style to effectively support them as they reach their goals, which translates to student success academically and personally.

Our online students receive a world class, high quality education that is, in many ways far better than that of a traditional classroom program. Our program continuously challenges advanced students who need not wait for struggling students before they move on. And struggling students get all the attention they need to ensure they have thoroughly learned the lessons before advancing.

    II. A Blended Learning Approach

With New York Academy’s blended learning approach, which combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods, our students receive an unprecedented, exclusive education. A blended learning approach, requiring the physical presence of both the teacher and the student, also allows some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace. It’s the best of both worlds!

We Welcome Diversity

Located in New York City in the United States, we welcome students from around the world with diversified backgrounds. All who attend our school, whether from the U.S. or abroad, feel the diversity of our school and the comprehensive programs we provide.

New York Academy students come here to learn and leave enriched as the next generation of leaders in their fields or communities.


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