HST102: World History
HST202: Modern World Studies
HST302: U.S. History
HST312: Modern U.S. History
HST402: U.S. Government and Politics *
HST412: U.S. and Global Economics *


HST103: World History
HST203: Modern World Studies
HST213: Geography
HST303: U.S. History
HST313: Modern U.S. History
HST403: U.S. Government and Politics *
HST413: U.S. and Global Economics *


HST104: Honors World History
HST204: Honors Modern World Studies
HST304: Honors U.S. History
HST314: Honors Modern U.S. History
HST500: AP U.S. History
HST510: AP U.S. Government and Politics *
HST520: AP Macroeconomics *
HST530: AP Microeconomics *
HST540: AP Psychology *
HST560: AP World History


HST010: Anthropology *
HST020: Psychology *
HST030: Economics *
HST040: Civics *
OTH060: Family and Consumer Science *
HST222: Contemporary World Issues
HST050: Sociology
OTH031: Archaeology *

Credit Recovery

HST106: World History
HST206: Modern World Studies
HST216: Geography *
HST306: U.S. History
HST316: Modern U.S. History
HST406: U.S. Government and Politics *
HST416: Economics *

* This is a one-semester course. All other courses are two semesters.
V Includes vLabs (virtual labs) § Course satisfies both core and comprehensive requirements