U.S. universities are recognized as the top learning institutions in the world. At the New York Academy, students focus on business, entrepreneurship, and STEM courses via the U.S. method of education from U.S. teachers. A New York Academy education prepares students for the challenges of university life as they learn leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and collaboration skills—all critical for success in our global economy.

A Diverse Population of Learners

Based on a creative approach to bringing about positive change and awareness, New York Academy’s Global Education Program provides an elite custom education designed especially for international students. By cultivating independent, creative thinking, our students from around the world become united citizens of integrity for an ever-changing world.

A United Population of Leaders

Our approach to global learning produces global leaders. We help students think about the world and solve problems in new ways. New York Academy students gain an understanding of various world views through the course work, relationships, and experiences they take part in and enjoy at New York Academy. New York Academy offers best-in-class high school programs using top curriculum in the US high school market. International students can earn a U.S. High School diploma while attending school in your home country and graduate high school with two diplomas!

How it works?

New York Academy accepts 14 credits earned at the in country school, and students complete 6 additional credits online during our 2 – 3 year program. Students can take our courses in coordination with their international school or through our network of after school learning centers.

Why New York Academy?

Graduates of our programs are accepted into the top U.S. universities and around the world including UC Berkeley, Brown University, NYU, University of Pennsylvania and Rice University, to name a few. Benefits
  • An American high school diploma is the surest way to obtain admission to American colleges and universities.
  • Mastering American-style learning methods and learning from Native American teachers
  • Increased mastery of English
  • Letters of recommendation from a U.S. high school for university applications
  • Preferred acceptance to NY Academy’s partner university
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA required
    • Waived TOEFL and SAT
    • F1 Visa support
    • Tuition and scholarship assistance
The New York Institute believes that each student is unique, we tailor the individualized learning to optimize the result and achieve best learning experience. We challenge high achieving students as they progress quickly through our program while providing struggling students all the attention they need to ensure they have thoroughly learned the lessons before advancing. Currently we offer two learning programs based on student’s ability to self-study and the level of  the teacher involvement. I. Self-guided learning Package Student self-guided study, complete video lectures, readings, exercises and established tests and exams. Less teacher involvement, but academic counselors continuously monitor student progress, and available to answer questions and explain difficult lessons II. Teacher-enhanced learning Package On-line courses with more real teacher support. Students are assigned a personal academic counselor, and teachers from each course are available on-demand. Learn More