TCH010: Computer Literacy *
TCH020: Computer Fundamentals
TCH017: 3D Art I: Modeling *
TCH018: 3D Art II: Animation *
TCH101: Digital Photography *
TCH030: Image Design and Editing *
TCH040: Web Design *
TCH060: C++ Programming *
TCH061: Programming I: VB.NET *
TCH062: Programming II: Java *
TCH070: Game Design *
TCH026: Audio Engineering *
TCH027: Green Design and Technology *
TCH028: Digital Arts I *
TCH029: Digital Arts II *
TCH036: Computer Science *
TCH038: Engineering Design/CAD *

* This is a one-semester course. All other courses are two semesters.
V Includes vLabs (virtual labs) ยง Course satisfies both core and comprehensive requirements